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Ralph N. Rogers, MD was known for his passion for transport medicine, keeping lifelong friendships and leaving a legacy as a visionary leader.  This scholarship, founded in his memory, is to encourage, mentor and secure the future for continued leaders in the Medical Transport Profession.

This scholarship will be awarded to an individual for leadership development, based on need.  This scholarship is meant to encourage the growth of future leaders of the medical transport industry, who can make significant contributions and follow in the footsteps of our friend and pioneer in medical transport, Ralph N. Rogers, MD.


Submissions for this scholarship are currently OPEN.
(Deadline: 9/11/2020)

All applications must be mailed in full to:
P.O. Box 130
Sandy Springs, SC  29677
OR sent to

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible as an awardee, the individual must meet the following specific criteria:

Medical Transport Service Expertise:

  1. One year of leadership in medical transport experience.
  2. Employment with a medical transport service or ground critical care service, current accreditation by CAMTS is preferred.
  3. Recent experience and currently involved in medical transport service activities.
  4. Preferred experience in two (2) of the four (4) following areas of expertise:
  1. Administration
  2. Aviation
  3. Medical
  4. Ground critical care transport

Completion Timeline: Ability to complete the selected leadership education course within two years.

Geographic Location and Background Experience:  The CAMTS Leadership Fund Selection Committee may select an awardee located within the  United States or internationally. The criteria will demonstrate an Awardee who is highly qualified and demonstrates the characteristics of a strong leader in the medical transport service.

This scholarship is sponsored by CAMTS and funded partially through donations to the MedEvac Foundation International.