We are NOT saying stop…

by camtsblog

March 20, 2020

In our most recent blogs, we tried to convey ideas and practices dealing with the coronavirus from accredited programs and member organizations.

These statements are not the Official Position of CAMTS and we are not telling programs to refrain from transporting patients with the coronavirus.  We are trying to address questions and concerns by providing suggestions and practices that others have relayed to us. Every situation is different, and we feel we can learn from others’ experiences and pass those along to transport professionals.

Shortage of PPE equipment is the most immediate and serious issue, according to the phone calls I receive. One of the programs traded a case of toilet paper for N95 masks because they were in desperate need.  If you have had success in receiving these supplies or have a secret supplier that would benefit other programs, please let us know.  Share your innovative ideas that we can pass along. We are innovators and we are all in this together.