New “Best Practices” 6th issue

by camtsblog

In this our 6th issue of “Best Practices”, published in July 2017, we have selected policies and practices that were acknowledged as excellent examples, and we also focus on the areas that are typically cited as deficiencies. This publication is not meant to endorse or recommend any particular policy or service – it is merely to be used as a resource document.


The Board of Directors acknowledges the excellent programs and practices exemplified in the materials provided with much appreciation to the medical transport services, FAA Part 135 Operators, private agencies as well as organizations for their enthusiasm in sharing these proprietary materials. Each document listed in the index is identified by its title and by the contributor whose logo and name may appear on the documents.

We added a section in this edition called “Preparing for Accreditation” to assist new programs that are applying for accreditation. The process of applying for accreditation involves several steps, and the application materials may be time-consuming. However, services often acknowledge that they learned a lot about their programs by going through this application process, whether they achieve accreditation or not. Also, requesting materials prior to the site visit which are reviewed by the Executive Staff and site surveyors (more than 60 hours of review) results in a well-prepared, comprehensive audit.

Your copy of “Best Practices” 6th issue can be ordered on our website.