AIR EMS awarded Conditional Accreditation

by camtsblog


The Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) awarded Conditional Accreditation to Air EMS today for fixed wing and medical escort services.  Air EMS is the first to be awarded this accreditation and is supported by two very experienced FAA Part 135 operators who are able to provide aircraft for both national and international transports.

Conditional Accreditation was created to verify that a new service (in business for at least 4 months but less than 1 year) is able to demonstrate that policies, practices and training of aviation, surface and medical staff under a dedicated medical director meet accreditation standards based on the mission and scope of service as advertised. The aircraft and/or surface vehicle and medical equipment must also meet compliance with the standards and all legal regulations must be satisfied.

A service receiving Conditional Accreditation is permitted to advertise as conditionally accredited and will receive a letter of conditional status which can be provided to regulators and to contracting agencies that require accreditation. There is no minimal number of transports required but staff must be hired and trained and the medical director must have developed protocols. Although new programs may not have a mature Quality, Utilization and Safety Management System, those systems must be developed and organized according to the criteria in the standards.

The program may submit a PIF for full accreditation at its one-year anniversary or when the Conditional Accreditation expires.

CAMTS feels strongly that this process will provide a robust review for a new medical transport service that regulators and contracting agencies can support rather than requiring accreditation as soon as an aviation company decides to transport patients without proper preparation.