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PIF Process – online format


Dear CAMTS Accredited Services:

We are in the process of moving the entire PIF process to an online format – including attachments and all forms. We are anticipating it to be ready by January 1, 2017. In preparation for the new process and in recognizing the need to streamline the reaccreditation process, we need your help to identify the areas of completing the reaccreditation process that seem especially labor intensive with little benefit.

We are holding a Town Hall Meeting on September 25 from 2-4 at the Charlotte Westin Hotel in the Queens Room to meet with those who want to express their suggestions about the accreditation process and discuss where we have seen some inconsistencies. All are invited to attend even if you have completed this survey. Many of our Board members will be present to speak with you individually or as a group. The following survey will provide us with a starting place for those discussions.

Please complete this survey and return by September 9, 2016

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At the Westin Hotel Charlotte, NC  in the QUEENS Meeting Room




This half day class will review the process, polices and Standards of CAMTS and provide excellent information for both programs seeking accreditation for the first time or for those approach a reaccreditation.  Learn about the more common areas cited as deficiencies and ask questions directly with the CAMTS Executive Director.

Register by visiting the CAMTS website at

There is a cost for this conference and each person receives a copy of the current 10th Edition Standards.

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1:00 to 2:00 PM  CAMTS Standards Committee

Each year at the Air Medical Transport Conference, the CAMTS Standard Committee meets to hear your comments and suggestions for improving the Standards. All are welcome. Please contact us through the CAMTS web site at you plan to attend.

*2:00 – 4:00 PM   


Streamlining the Reaccreditation Process

This session will focus on your suggestions for streamlining the CAMTS reaccreditation process.  We encourage all site surveyors, Board members, member organizations, aviation and medical operators and accredited programs to participate in guiding us to a process that makes reaccreditation less labor intensive and more consistent for programs and for CAMTS, while assuring substantial compliance with the Standards.

The session is FREE and no registration is required.

Each accredited program will receive a survey by email within a few days regarding the reaccreditation process – please take a few moments to fill this out and send it in so that we have a starting point for our  discussions and so that we have your input if you cannot make the meeting!