Rumors and Hearsay

by camtsblog

The latest draft of 10 Edition Standards revisions including Types of Care were posted in January and we are now receiving many comments asking:  “Why are paramedics not included in the Specialty Care Type”.   Most of the comments have been very professional and we greatly appreciate the feedback. There seems to be some confusion, however, as we are getting angry comments from paramedics stating: Paramedics will lose their jobs; CAMTS prefers hospital sponsored programs; CAMTS prefers RNs over paramedics, etc.  NONE OF THESE RUMORS ARE TRUE.  The Types of Care are just our attempt to more accurately describe the care provided – not a way to limit or delete what is currently being done. The Emergency Critical Care and Intensive Care Types specifically include paramedics on their teams who are doing Critical Care that may include things like IABP and indwelling LVAD transports.

We realize we will need to define Specialty Care in more detail because CAMTS was envisioning this Type of Care addressing those specialty care teams such as Neonatal/Peds teams that only transport the sickest patients from one hospital to a higher level of care (i.e.: PICU or Neonatal Unit) using medications and treatments that are not typically found in an adult team RN or a paramedic’s scope of care or specialty care teams transporting adult patients receiving very highly specialized therapies that are outside routine care even provided in the typical ICU setting.  Most programs either refer these patients to a specialty team or have their own team that only does this type of transport.  We expect very few programs to fall within this level of accreditation.  It also does not mean that a service accredited at one level cannot provide care at a higher level.

All in all, these are drafts.  We will share all these comments and suggestions with the full CAMTS Board. There will be one more draft after the April 2015 Board meeting before final approval at the July Board meeting.  We encourage you to read the Types of Care draft on the website instead of the misinterpreted  hearsay that seem to be widely circulated over the past 10 days.