Aviation & Safety Advisory Committee (A&SAC)

by camtsblog


The Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) has re-established an Aviation & Safety Advisory Committee (A&SAC) to provide recommendation to the CAMTS Board of Directors that will increase the level of safety for air transport of patients using a CAMTS accredited organization.  To ensure a broad level of professional aviation safety experience, the committee includes industry representatives that are not members of the CAMTS Board of Directors. The current focus of the A&SAC is to review and propose changes to the accreditation standards.  The committee plans to review the standards annually and develop strategic chnges that will raise the level of safety for the industry.  Additional tasks of the A&SAC include:

  •  Address site visit findings by the Quality Management Committee to track and trend aviation and operational issues identified during a site visit.
  • Refine the aviation track syllabus for site surveyor initial and recurrent training.
  • Review and update the maintenance checklist for use during site visits.
  • Develop or endorse third-parties’ (e.g. IHST) safety promotion material that can be shared via the CAMTS website or presented at industry conventions/seminars, e.g. AMTC, AIRMED etc.
  • Monitor aviation safety trends and summarize for the Board, at least annually, accident causes and industry best practices.
  • Address Safety Culture Surveys tracking and trending – protected information that should/could go through a third party.
  • Monitor, analyze, and when applicable address, aviation regulatory actions, standards or activities that may impact CAMTS standards.   When applicable present such changes to the Board and/or train site surveyors on such changes.
  • Serve as advisors, via email or telephonically, to CAMTS Board members who may have an aviation related question.


The A&SAC is currently comprised of the following members:

Charter members and CAMTS Board Directors

Fred Brisbois – Chairman, CAMTS Ad-Hoc Member (retired Sikorsky, U.S. Army & IHST)

Ashley Smith – National Air Transportation Association (NATA); Jet Logistics 

Eileen Frazer – CAMTS Executive Director

Kim Montgomery – Air Medical Operations Association (AMOA); Seven Bar Enterprises

Stefan Becker – (European HEMS and Air Ambulance Committee (EHAC); Rega

Terry Palmer –  CAMTS Ad-hoc member; Metro Aviation

Rick Ruff – National EMS Pilots Association (NEMSPA); Boston MedFlight

Non-CAMTS Board Committee members:

Dudley Crosson, Delta P and ALEA aeromedical liaison

Gerry Pagano – AAMS and Trauma Hawk Aeromedical Program

Ken King, STARS

Noah Sanders, AeroCare Medical Transport

Wade Neiswender, Seven Bar Enterprises

Ed Stockhausen, Air Methods

Chris Young, Professional Resources In System Management, LLC (PRISM)

Chris Eastlee, Air Medical Operations Association (AMOA)