Join us at our CAMTS meetings during AMTC in Nashville!

by camtsblog


CAMTS Aviation Advisory Committee: September 22, 2014

1:00-3:00 PM at the Renaissance Hotel – Room 102

This is an open meeting to introduce committee members and solicit your input on the current Accreditation Standards that target rotor wing and fixed wing services.


CAMTS Accreditation Standards Committee: September 22, 2014

3:00 – 5:00 PM at the Renaissance Hotel – Room 103-104

This is an open meeting to review the changes in standards proposed for the 10th Edition to be published in 2015
This will include a review of the proposed Types of Care classifications.

Board members will be available to answer your
questions and receive your Input.

PLEASE JOIN US – we welcome your input, comments, suggestions and insight. You do not need to belong to a CAMTS accredited service to attend – all are welcome. The 1st draft of the 10th Edition Standards and the Types of Care are also posted on the website – – along with a comment form.